Katie Martinez is a certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Wellness Coach with a passion for helping others become their most radiant self. Health is about feeling well and full of life! Katie firmly believes it takes much more than a sweaty workout and good grub to achieve a content heart and clear mind. She understands what might work for one person may not work for another. Katie is determined to help you bring balance where there is imbalance and nourishment to the body, mind and soul.


    Katie's Journey to Health


    As a child, Katie experienced health issues from ear infections to constant colds and asthma attacks. At 17, she was hospitalized for an autoimmune disease that inflamed her liver and spleen. After several weeks in pediatric unit, it was suggested she stay on medication and that she would need a liver transplant by age 25. Katie was determined to heal holistically. She made drastic changes to her diet and began implementing self-care, yoga and mindfulness into her everyday life. Katie's organs began to regenerate and she has been medication free for nearly 10 years! In 2011, she left her finance job and went back to school to study nutrition. Through her own personal experience and growth, Katie has taken a deep interest in helping others heal their bodies from the inside-out.



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    Choose from Personalized Fitness Program or Health Coaching

    As a fitness expert and former collegiate athlete, movement and empowerment light me up! I have thousands of hours of training under my belt and have been a personal trainer for nearly a decade. I have a multifaceted background in fitness: certified in yoga, (restorative, vinyasa + yoga for special needs) HIIT, TRX and strength training. You can be assured your workout routine will never get stagnant.


    What you can expect:

    • A fitness program specifically designed for you: your goals + health conditions 
    • Learn how to listen to your body while achieving your goals
    • Understand what type of movement your body needs to thrive
    • A functional + versatile workout regime that gets you results while having fun
    • Become stronger, more confident and energized in your day to day life
    • Support from me every step of the way on your fitness journey


    As a Wellness Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) I am here to offer you the knowledge, guidance and tools you need to lead a radiant and healthier life. I’m passionate about teaching people how medicinal food can be. If you need a more customized program I am able to work with you and your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to start eating cleaner for increased energy, shed excess weight or take your health to the next level, I will customize a program specific for you. I believe in moving and nourishing your body while leading a more balanced lifestyle is the best way to obtain optimum health.


    What you can expect:

    • Understand what type of nourishment you and your body need 
    • Become stronger, more confident and energized in your day to day life
    • Learn how to kick poor eating habits and refuel your body  
    • Learn how to stay on track with your health goals and stay on budget (yes, eating well is affordable + doable!)
    • Build a positive relationship with your body, mind + soul
    • Support from me every step of the way on your journey to wellness

    Living a healthy balanced life is essential to feeling well and happy! I'm dedicated to helping my clients feel radiant with nourishment, movement and empowerment.

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    November 5, 2017
    As a young girl, I knew of two women who openly discussed child sexual abuse: Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angleou. Each shared their stories with strength and resilience. I remember Oprah sharing her story on national television and feeling less alone. I read Maya Angelou's poetry as a teenager and it...
    September 11, 2017
    Every week I pick up fresh produce and sunflowers from the local farmer's market. I hand pick five or six strong flowers to bring home. I look for the flowers with strong stems and vibrant heads facing up. My bouquet feels like sunshine in my hands to enjoy all week long. And in a way, it is. ...
    August 15, 2017
    Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. In strength training, when you cause the muscles to contract against an external resistance you increase the expectation of strength, tone and resilience in the muscles targeted. You don't have to step foot...
    August 1, 2017
    When I was seven, I remember walking with my older sister to take out the trash. On our way to the dumpsters we heard something moving in the bushes. We peeked in and saw a bird. As we observed the cockatiel, we noticed he was injured and bleeding. One of his wings had been clipped (in a very...
    Movement is essential for staying vibrant in every season. Appropriate exercise oxygenates the body, which keeps your heart healthy and mind calm. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or discovering your inner athlete for the first time, here are 10 reasons to keep you moving... Aids better...
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  • Client testimonials

    "Katie is seriously fantastic! She is an amazing trainer and fitness professional who is dedicated to always providing the best to her clients. I have been around quite a few personal trainers over the years, in preparation for marathons and triathlons. It is not easy to find someone like Katie who is so knowledgeable, motivating and passionate. Her positivity and ability to help others is evident from the moment you meet her. I have such respect for her approach. I love her instruction and clarity around what the posture is supposed to look and feel like. I am beyond grateful that I found Katie as soon as I moved to the Bay Area."

    Denise F., San Mateo


    "Katie is a marvelous trainer. As a wellness professional, she is knowledgeable, focused and attentive. She is also an exceptionally talented, gifted, upbeat, and inspiring soul. The combination is dynamite. She has a way of building both body and spirit. Under her guidance, you will get a great workout every time and you will look forward to the next one, I promise!"

    Mary D. Palo Alto


    "Katie is an extremely talented trainer of many different aspects. Her knowledge of the body and what makes our athletes successful is extremely vast and communicated very well. Our catchers are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with her."
    Brett Thomas, The Catching Academy

    "Katie is everything you'd hope for when looking for a fitness professional. Her holistic approach to helping people separates her from the field as she is able to understand how the mind is working with or against the body. Because of her genuine purpose she is able to build trust with members and clients, which drives extremely positive results. Katie embodies what a fitness professional should be and understands the responsibility that comes with serving those who trust her with their health and well being."

    Dario Tejo, Burlingame


    "I started doing boot camps with Katie 2-3 times a week nine months ago. They have become the highlights of my week. Her exercises are variable and fast-paced so they’re always challenging and never boring, and each time I walk away feeling accomplished and stronger than the session before. She has added some much-needed motivation and excitement to my previously dull workout routine and I can’t recommend her bootcamps highly enough!"

    Lindsay S., San Francisco


    "Katie has been such an inspiration to me. She has helped me achieve many of my athletic goals. I have always wanted to run a half marathon and Katie helped me every step of the way. I highly recommend Katie to people of all physical levels – she is amazing!"

    Phuong P., San Mateo


    "Workouts with Katie are the best workouts I get each week. Katie is a great motivator, always brings discipline and positive energy. I feel so much better after each session."

    Ahmad A., San Mateo


    “Boot Camp with Katie is a work out I look forward to every week! Katie does an amazing job providing personalized attention even in group settings, and her variety of exercises keeps me challenged. I often engage muscles I rarely use otherwise, and I always feel sore (in the best way) the next day.”

    Rishi S. , San Francisco, CA


    "Workouts with Katie are intense, efficient and motivating! She knows exactly what moves to teach you to target the areas you want to work on. After six weeks of training with Katie, I fit better in my clothes, have definition in my arms and am stronger in my core. We work hard, have fun and I look forward to training with Katie at the end of the work day!"

    Leah M., Palo Alto


    "Over the past 18 months Katie has coached me through nearly 150 workouts. At the beginning my strength was so poor it was only because of Katie's encouragement and positive attitude that I continued at all! For me, Katie's style of thoughtful, careful, knowledgeable instruction challenges the body and refreshes the soul. Her reminders to "listen to your body" were indispensable to staying injury free while building strength and confidence. Over time and with her steadfast guidance, I absolutely built a new me (weight, shape, strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, overall health) that has changed every aspect of my life for the better. Her methods are pure magic and I cannot thank her enough!"

    Carolyn S., Los Altos


    "I am constantly challenged by Katie and she inspires me to reach new goals. I am impressed by her passion to change the lives of others through her own experience and knowledge."

    Kathryn, Redwood City



















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