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Blossom This Spring with Connection

How Connection Drives Happiness

Themes of renewal and awakening are often used for the Spring season. Earth is awakening from her slumber and exploding with new life. Spring also refers to a season of reflection, connection and growth.

Connecting today isn’t what it used to be. Silicon Valley is buzzing with apps that keep us connected, informed and social. While some of us love it, others feel overwhelmed and we would like nothing more than to disconnect, pull the covers over our head and wait for Summer. However, don’t pull out the armor of comfy blankets just yet! Staying connected and building a strong sense of community is just as beneficial to you as exercise and hygiene. Research shows having a strong sense of community boosts your happiness, improves your immune system and can add years to your life. People who feel they are flourishing in life often say their lives are filled with connection.

What if you don’t have a big network of friends and/or feeling less social these days?

Don’t fret!Whether you’re a social butterfly or a more of an introvert, researchers have found people who have a smaller number of close relationships can be just as happy as those with a larger network.

Connection drives happiness. It can be a coffee date with a good friend who energizes you and leaves your internal battery charged positively or using your time to give back or volunteer (being kind promotes a sense of connection and community with others, which is one of the strongest factors in increasing happiness).

Just like eating well and exercising benefit our health; connection is the single most important thing that we can do for our well-being and happiness. I hope with this new season, you can reflect on your own growth and connection.

Tips to Radiate More in May :

  1. Make a sweat date with a friend + choose a class that will be sure to make you laugh  (Hip Hop, Zumba, Belly Dancing)
  2. Send a hand written note to a friend telling them how much their friendship means to you
  3. Add oats to your breakfast (slow cooked, not instant). Oats are wonderful for balancing mood + will give energy throughout the day
  4. Go to bed at a decent hour so you can enjoy playing!
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